The Best Online mobile games for you

Time Management games

Fast Food Takeaway

Start up your own fast food business. In this online game you run a food cart and your goal is to expand your business. Serve your clients quickly, complete their orders accurately and earn as much money as possible. Expand the variety of foods you offer, so that you can attract more customers and increase your earnings. Become the next fast-food tycoon! Have fun playing this time management game on your smart phone or tablet.

Civilizations Wars Master Edition

Civilizations Wars Master Edition is a strategy game with a wide range of tactical options and amazing graphics. This special mobile version combines four games in one. Choose your preferred culture and lead it into a multi-level battle. Overtake various buildings, fight dangerous monsters and win a victory for your people.

Creamy Ice

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Nothing can compare to a delicious ice cream on a hot summer day. In this online game you get to run an ice cream business. Work fast and try to serve as many customers as possible by completing the orders correctly. Collect enough tips to upgrade your cart, get more flavors, expand your business and get more customers. Choose one of the three available playing modes and build your ice cream empire. Have fun with this time management game on your iPhone or iPad.

Airport Rush

This game is all about you being an air traffic controller. You will be mainly responsible for the separation of air traffic operating to and from airports. Make sure there is a safe distance between the planes that are landing and the ones taking off. Earn points with every plane you’ve dealt with and try to reach a greater score than before!

Emily’s Hopes And Fears

Do something new today! How about joining Patrick and Emily in their quest to save their daughter’s life? They were just outside having a picnic together when all of a sudden something horrific happened, the daughter, whose name is Page suddenly came down with a mystery illness. What will happen to her? Will Patrick and Emily find the cure in time to save their daughter Page?