The Best Online mobile games for you

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Forbidden Village

You have all heard the treasures of the hidden village. Legends about these treasures are circulating from language to language. Now we’re taking you to a village like this. It’s a miracle that hasn’t been discovered before. The people of this village are not like other people. They’re a little different. But that’s not the point. Our main goal is to find the treasures in the village as soon as possible. But we don’t know where to start yet. The oldest in the village said he’d lead us.

Modern Bedroom Hidden Objects

Welcome to our game where we will look for lost objects in a modern bedroom. 10 objects in my game and disappeared. They are listed below. We need to find these objects as soon as possible. In this way, we can win more stars. We also need to find 10 gold coins. In this way, we can earn more points. When we find all the objects, we are moving to the other section. The game consists of 4 sections in total.

Dining Room Hidden Objects

Dining Room Hidden Objects is free HTML5 hidden item game by Cengiz Turk. We are with a series of wonderful dining rooms. These rooms are very nicely decorated. The surroundings are colorful and spacious. Of course, the food at the table is delicious too. We will look for some objects among this delicious food. These objects are objects that disappear in the room as you guessed. Of course, by adding 10 starfish, we will add a different flavor to the game. Good luck and have fun.

Kitchen Hidden Objects

Kitchen Hidden Objects is new HTML5 game by Cengiz Turk. Dear friends, this game is a private game. We need to find some objects hidden in the kitchen. The first thing we need to do is to find the top objects. Then we’ll find cookies as a bonus. We will earn more points on this count. The game consists of 4 episodes. There is also music to comfort you. You can also get help at the point you are trapped. Good luck and have fun.

Jewels Mania

Jewels Mania is a challenging free online puzzle game that requires quick thinking and good planning. Rotate the hexagonal shapes at the bottom of the screen and drag them onto the board. Try to arrange the jewels in such a way that you combine at least 3 of the same color in a straight line. There are boosters and special tiles available. Try to complete all 50 levels of this fun and challenging Match 3 free online puzzle game. Play on your smart phone, tablet or computer.

Halloween Lily

Trick or Treat? It’s that time of year again. Lily needs a costume for Halloween. Give her a deliciously scary makeover. Choose from vampire capes, witch dresses, evil queen gowns and all sorts of other fun costumes. Pick an elaborate hairstyle or simple braids. Add jewelry, accessories and pick a friend for Lily – a spider or a black cat is a welcome company for All Hallows Eve! Choose one of the spooky backgrounds and get in a party mood.

Little Shop Of Treasures

Welcome to the charming small town of Huntington! Your dream is to open a shop here, but you can’t decide what exactly to sell. Take a look around the other shop in town. Find the items your customers have ordered and sell them so that you can earn enough and make your dream come true. Numerous unique items are waiting to be found in this challenging hidden object game. Can you find them all?

Speed Maniac

Speed Maniac is an exciting racing game. Win the cup and get a cash prize to upgrade your car, which will give you the edge over your opponents for the next level. Win all the competitions and defeat the other competitors. Unleash your inner Speed Maniac! Have fun with this game on your phone or tablet. The game doesn’t require Flash Player.

Animal Quiz

Cats, dogs, mice – these animals are easy to recognize, but other species are harder to identify. In this game you can test your knowledge of animals. Look at the picture and try to guess the name hidden in the letters below. Animal Quiz has more than 500 exciting levels. How many correct guesses can you make? The game can be played on all types of mobile devices.