The Best Online mobile games for you

Puzzle games

NumberSign 3

NumberSign 3 free HTML5 puzzle game. Do you want to search for hidden numbers in a very complex picture? Besides, this picture is very different. A total of 10 numbers and 10 hidden signs are waiting for us. Now what we need to do is simple: we will find the signs and hidden numbers. These signs can be traffic, fire, school, and trip signs. We must also use the time in the best possible way. Because we can get the highest score on this count. You can find other games of the series on our site. Good luck.


Woodventure is a classical mahjong game set in the woods. Find matching pairs of cute animals or forest wildlife and remove them from the board. The path between to matching tiles can’t be more than two 90 degree angles. If you have difficulties finding matching tiles to remove, use the hint tools at the bottom left of the screen. This free online puzzle game is quite challenging. Complete the level before the time is up!

Jewels Mania

Jewels Mania is a challenging free online puzzle game that requires quick thinking and good planning. Rotate the hexagonal shapes at the bottom of the screen and drag them onto the board. Try to arrange the jewels in such a way that you combine at least 3 of the same color in a straight line. There are boosters and special tiles available. Try to complete all 50 levels of this fun and challenging Match 3 free online puzzle game. Play on your smart phone, tablet or computer.

Sailor Pop

It’s time for a fish party! Join the sailors and the lovely mermaid for a fun underwater adventure! Free the fish so that it can also join the party by matching it in groups of 2 or more. Complete the level, move on to the next and unlock cool new maps. Earn more points by using boosters and beat the high score. Take a dive with this fun free puzzle online game on your phone, tablet or laptop.

Web Of Love

In this fun puzzle game you have to help the cute little spider reach his sweetheart. Guide the spider over the leaves, avoid the obstacles and collect bonuses along the way. Also be careful not to run out of food. Collect flies to replenish your food stores. In order to pass over a dry leaf, collect water drops. Have fun with the Web of Love game on your smart phone or mobile device.

Hold My Hand, Friend

The best way to stay warm during the winter is to hold hands! At least that’s what you have to do in this cute puzzle game. Your task is to connect every little creature with its friends. Place the creatures in the cells in such a way so every one of them is holding the hand of another creature. Can you complete all 30 challenging levels? Have fun with Hold My Hand, Friend on your Android or iOS device. You don’t need Flash player to run this game.