The Best Online mobile games for you


Chip Family

Meet the Chip family – Bob, Marge, Steven and Alice! Winter is coming and you have to help the chipmunks prepare for the chilly season by collecting nuts. Enjoy more than 50 challenging levels and try to complete each one with a 3 star rating. This game can be played on all Android and iOS devices.

Hold My Hand, Friend

The best way to stay warm during the winter is to hold hands! At least that’s what you have to do in this cute puzzle game. Your task is to connect every little creature with its friends. Place the creatures in the cells in such a way so every one of them is holding the hand of another creature. Can you complete all 30 challenging levels? Have fun with Hold My Hand, Friend on your Android or iOS device. You don’t need Flash player to run this game.

Fast Food Takeaway

Start up your own fast food business. In this online game you run a food cart and your goal is to expand your business. Serve your clients quickly, complete their orders accurately and earn as much money as possible. Expand the variety of foods you offer, so that you can attract more customers and increase your earnings. Become the next fast-food tycoon! Have fun playing this time management game on your smart phone or tablet.


Turbotastic is the excellent choice for you if you are a fan of high speed, fast cars and lots of action. It is an amazing retro racing game with cool graphics. Go ahead!  Get inside your racing car and start driving and gathering all those power ups on your way! They will help you get a new racing car or a giant destructive monster truck that crashes everything on its way! Good luck!

The game can be played on both mobile phones and tablets.

Weather Hidden Objects

Weather Hidden Objects is a free iPhone and iPad HTML 5 hidden object game. No matter what the weather is outside the animals have ran out of the house. Your task is to find all the animals pictured in the top bar. Find the animals before dinner! Can you make it? There are also bonuses waiting around. Have fun with the Weather Hidden Object game on your iPad or smart phone.