The Best Online mobile games for you


Finding 3in1: FarmHouse

We have combined 3 different games and made it into a whole new series. Object, Number and Different finding games are now in one address. You can also buy goats, sheep and cows with gold that you collect. You need to collect all the bonus money to earn more gold. You should also pay attention to time.

Detective Cengaver: Lost Artifact

Detective Cengaver: Lost Artifact is free HTML5 point and click game by Cengiz Turk. It was clear yesterday that a artifact was missing in the city museum. Officials say this artifact is very valuable. In the researches; it turned out to be a work belonging to ancient times. Museum director: This artifact is very important to us. We will find him absolutely. Contact with a very famous detective continues. Good luck and have fun.

Sprint Club Nitro

This game is not just for fans of the most popular racing games. Sprint Club Nitro is also for fans of the Fast and the Furious franchise. If you like fast cars and exciting action, then Sprint Club Nitro is just for you. Get behind the wheel and race for the grand prize. Along the way collect as many Nitro Boosters as you can and try to avoid crashes with other cars. The better your ranking, the higher your cash prize will be. This will allow you to buy upgrades for your car. You can play this action packed racing game on your iPhone, iPod or Android phone or tablet. The game does not need Flash Player.

Focus 3 in 1

Focus 3 in 1 is an HTML5 game. To play it successfully you have to find all the hidden letters, numbers, as well as all objects, shown on the top of the screen. There are 30 missing objects in total. What you are after is the maximum amount of points. This online game can be played quite easily on all platforms out there, including all mobile phones, tablets and all types of computers!

Rainbow Star Pinball

Rainbow Pinball is a colorful arcade game based on the famous Pinball. While playing and earning bonus points you may get just enough to enter the secret bonus round. Show us what you got! With enough skill and some fast reactions you may even reach the highest score in the game! Have fun on both your tablet and mobile phone with Android or iOS!

Text Twist 2

Get ready for some great fun with Text Twist 2. Try to find out all the words you can make from the available letters. Use the Twist button to rearrange the letters. In order to progress to the next round you need to make at least one 6-letter word. Test your vocabulary and try to score as many points as possible. Play Text Twist 2 on your iPhone, iPad, smartphone or tablet.

My Dream House

My Dream House is a free HTML 5 Hidden Object Game. A guy gets back to his hometown and wants to build a new home. For that he needs money. Help him make the money he needs for the house. The game has 10 levels and on every level you can buy new doors, windows, a roof, a garden… There are bonuses like squares, triangles and stars that provide various benefits. Have fun playing on your smart phone.